Property Investment

It is really easy. Really it is. Trust me.

  • We discuss, I talk, tell you what I do
  • You talk, tell me about your situation and goals
  • I listen
  • I do my homework, and present you with a strategy that suits you

These are the possibilities;

  • Buy land, build, and realise an immediate capital gain
  • Focus on positive gearing - you will have surplus funds from rental income
  • Use tax advantages to further benefit income flow
  • Use equity & income from first investment to finance second investment
  • Repeat and continue to grow your portfolio.

I achieve this by;

  • Finding the right land and couple that with the best dual occupancy option
  • Structure the investment in accordance with your situation
  • Co-ordinate with local real estates to get the best rental income
  • Present a depreciation schedule for your accountant

I will oversee all aspects of the investment to ensure success.

* My name is Mark Taylor and I have been helping people with their investments for over 30 years. My biggest interest is helping people reduce their mortgages through property investment. In most cases I can help people get their mortgage paid off in 3 - 8 years. This is my passion. I can help you.


I'll Call You

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If you'd rather call me at your own convenience, my number is (02) 4036 1108.