We believe and know that we can benefit the average mortgage holder by using equity in their homes to build an investment property portfolio that will assist with the following;

  • Pay off the mortgage quicker
  • Provide surplus income to re-invest
  • Create long term wealth with opportunities for career replacement and early retirement

Our team is experienced in debt reduction strategies by use of property investment techniques. We have built a network of professionals that we work with to deliver an all-rounded service to our clients. This results in less work for our clients and less hands on leaving the details and leg work for us.

Mark Taylor

The team is headed up by Mark Taylor who has a long career in the finance industry. Mark began his career in the stock market then moved to help people own their home in the quickest time possible and has been working as a debt reduction strategist for over 33 years. Mark has great communication and interpersonal skills that make it easy and comfortable to deal with him. He’s also a great listener which is helpful in creating wealth creation strategies that meet clients’ needs.

As mentioned, we have a network of professionals that all contribute to the building of a purpose driven investment strategy to suit your circumstances. Our network includes finance (i.e. mortgage brokers), accounting & book keeping, financial advisors, builders and property managers. With such a well crafted team you can be assured that we will use every resource possible to help you pay off your home loan as quickly as possible.