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Property Investment Newcastle - Own Your Home Sooner

$2,000 Each Month to Pay Off Your Mortgage

Yes, you heard right, each month – $2,000. Imagine someone knocking at your front door and handing you $2,000 to use for your mortgage payment. Our clients are becoming debt free from their home loans within 3 to 8 years and then become wealthy because of property. That’s our specialty.

Who wouldn’t want that?

For You and Your Family

For years we have been told to pay off our home loan first. Today that is very difficult to do. Now, the new thought pattern is that it is, it’s quicker to become debt free from your mortgage if you buy an investment property first (i.e. before buying your own home).

Why? Because that’s your way out of debt from your home loan. Then you can focus on other things like, overseas holidays, cars, boats, educate the children, getting all the things you want. Saying yes to your children rather than later or maybe, can help you to enjoy your family, free from stress, enjoying a great life together. Yes, it all depends on getting free of that mortgage. Yes, we could save you 27 years of mortgage payments.

The Escalator System

Mark Taylor’s “Escalator System”, drives your mortgage debt down. It does not take long to realise that this is a life changing plan that is second to none. It truly is an opportunity of a lifetime. A way to finally have the lifestyle that you and your family deserve.

The good news is that our system is extremely affordable – it is FREE to you.

Mortgage Eliminators

Mark Taylor, manager of Mortgage Eliminators, has been in business for over 30 years. Marks’ aim has always been to get his clients out of debt from their mortgages in the shortest possible time; usually 3 to 8 years. Sometimes a even sooner.

Mark works hard with his clients to help them pay off their home loans and build wealth for them. That is his business plan and it works incredibly well for all his clients. Most of us are programmed by the banks that it takes 30 years to pay off a home loan. Wrong thinking. 

Mark works with 12 builders that have different skills in building on certain slopes and or block shapes and styles. Mark and his team are continually searching for excellent land. In most cases, that land is far better than what the average person would have access to. 

Areas of interest have hospitals, schools, shopping, highways, airports, train stations etc., and beside other estates that are developing, producing, and expanding. These properties are rising fast in value and we call this “instant capital gain”. Each land release goes up in value or the local land gets dearer and that pushes up the value of your property one, two or four years earlier.

Three Incomes from Property

There are 3 forms of profit when investing in property.

Capital Gain

Due to new estates opening, it’s very possible to earn $100,000 capital gain even in your first year. This will help you to purchase your next investment property or home.


Mark Taylor’s team can guide you to make a staggering $500 per week for you to put in your pocket. That’s way positively geared. 

Tax Advantages

And of course, massive tax advantages for providing new housing for Australians. These tax benefits can be given to you each pay day as you pay less tax and receive more spending money or take-home money in your pay.

Investing in New Property

The Government does not want you to think that doing up an old house is an investment property. The Australian Tax Office has closed a few important doors in regard to investing in old houses but has opened up many benefits for investing in new housing.

Renovating old houses is not the perfect answer anymore. We are not saying don’t do it because in some instances it can still make money. But the Government has made it very clear they need new housing and they are prepared to support you financially and encourage you to invest in new housing.

So why are they doing this? Australia needs more new houses. In fact, thousands of them. They provide housing for our new Australians arriving by the thousands each year. HIAA tells us that we are 20,000 new houses short every year. No matter what the Government does, we just can’t build enough houses to house all the new Australians.

Yet we need the new arrivals to pay taxes to support older Australians. Which presents another problem; how can the Government look after the new Australians in their old age, retirement years? Answer; bring another ship in, and so it goes on and on. That seems to be the only answer at this point in time.

More and more Australians need more and more houses. This brings us eventually to the “Great Dividing Wall”. This wall is happening all around the world. There are a growing number of people looking for somewhere to live, for example, rental properties. One side of the Great Dividing Wall are renters growing by the hour and on the other side are the property owners. They are not growing by the hour. In fact, the ratios are less owners to far more renters.

So, can see the opportunity? Invest in property, and you will change your family’s future for generations to come. With the help of the Escalator System, and the help of an investment property, both will certainly help you to pay off your mortgage; FAST.

Contact us today and we will let you know how soon you too can be out of debt and how much money you could save.

A New Mind Set

With regards to your currant mortgage, the banks profit plan is to allow you to own one home after 30 years, while they profit by keeping around 6 properties, that you have paid for. They use your money to make more money over and over.

Your profit plan should be for you to allow the banks to keep one house and you now get to keep the 6 properties. Now there is your positive cash-flow for your retirement. Very lucrative.

Summing Up

If you’re interested in receiving $2,000 a month to pay your mortgage or to get what you want in life, or if you want to find a way around the banks profit making machine, please call me direct. I’m inviting you to call me if you have any questions. Call today.

Owning Your Home, Needn’t Take Forever 

Mark Taylor

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