Paying Off Your Mortgage Early – A Real World Example

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Property Investment Newcastle - Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

Our client had a mortgage of $200,000 left to go after 23 years of paying a mortgage, selling and buying again.

The client decided that they wanted to pay off their home loan so they could put themselves in a position to retire comfortably.

The wife is on around $65,000 per annum and the husband is on around $120,000 per annum.

We organised a unique investment property to be built backing on to a acreage with a lake which was beautiful.

Such a beautiful investment property of course went up in value allowing our client to pay $90,000 off their mortgage using our debt reducing Escalator System.

Within one year after the investment property was built and rented out, the client has, on paper, paid off their home loan as their mortgage went down and their investment went up in value, giving them around $200,000. Now they’re in a position to purchase one of our new positively geared designed properties.

Our new design pays the client a minimum of $2,000 a month after payment to the bank. This will cover a lot of people’s mortgage payments or a large chunk of it. Then we are able to attack the debt with the Escalator System that will build equity to facilitate another purchase and so on they go.

The exciting thing is the client only needs to purchase the properties, not to pay them off just purchase them, and will be able to live on the positive cash flow. Their aim is to retire in 6 years time with 6 positively geared investment properties all of which will give them an income of $3,000 a week linked to the CPI. It’s all as safe as houses, bricks and mortar.

What a brilliant, freedom seeking, genius plan… Smart.


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