Do you specialise in Property Investment or Mortgage Debt Reduction/Elimination?

Good question. Both is the answer. One is an objective and the other is a mechanism to achieve the objective, i.e. we will achieve mortgage elimination through the use of property investment. Our success counts on the use of property investment and we have formulated strategies to make successful decisions.

Do you only invest in Newcastle Properties?

No. Although we are based in Newcastle, we are experienced in finding great performing investment properties around the country. There are various signals that we use to indicate how well a proposed investment will perform.

Do you positive or negative gear?

We focus on positive gearing and capital growth. Historically, property prices in Australia have doubled every 7 to 10 years meaning that a capital gain strategy for the long term is part of the investment strategy.

How many investment properties are ideal?

We say more the merrier however this one comes back to you, the investor, and your level of comfort with the number of investment properties that you have. An ideal number would be 2-4 for the average investor. At 4, you can expect to leave your career and an early retirement.

When is the best time to invest?

The question is, if you wish to own 4 properties, when would be the best time to invest? The answer to this obvious – the sooner you invest the cheaper property will be and the better your investment will be.

How do I know if I have enough money to consider giving you a call?

Our ideal client is one that has a mortgage on their own home, has some equity in their home and has an income. We will construct a personal strategy for you to pay off your mortgage as early as possible, we will use the equity in your home and your income to obtain finance for the investments.

Of course you do not have to fit into this mold. If you believe you have capacity for investment then we would love to hear from you. For example, instead of a mortgage you may have cash in the bank and instead of paying off a mortgage quickly we can use the income to finance other investments or you can use it for a holiday, etc.

Please note, and we cannot stress this enough, you need to consult your accountant or financial advisor prior to taking the investment property road.

I’m still not sure about this, is there anything you can add to get me over the line?

Yes! You have nothing to lose by giving us a call and having a chat. We can book you in for a consultation at no cost and explain to you our strategies and system and listen to your situation to see how we can benefit you. You have nothing to lose except for an hour of your time and you will never know if it is something for you unless you have a go.

Don’t spend the next 10 years pondering about “what could’ve been”.