Our team are experts in selecting the correct investment properties to produce a positive geared investment that will generate income for you to use as desired or to invest into more properties.

To procure a positive geared property in Australia takes industry experience, an eye for trends, and a knowledge of local areas. Our team repeatedly demonstrates their talent by continuing to obtain great investment properties for our clients.

In case you’re unaware, a positive geared property in Australia simply refers to an investment property that, after expenses, makes money on the remaining rental income. Note that tax implications may change this situation however if, after tax, the property is still producing a profit, then as well as it being known as positively geared, it is also known as positive cash flow. After rent and tax benefits are received and that total amount is greater than than the amount to be paid to the bank, then the property is deemed positive.

Please consult your accountant to determine the best investment strategy to suit your circumstances.

Our strategy to invest in property that can help shorten the length of your mortgage, generate wealth, and allow you to retire early┬ácan be based on both the positive gearing and negative gearing model. The cash flow generated by the positively geared property is then used strategically to further reduce debt. When building your portfolio in a negative environment, the “escalator system” us used to achieve a very similar result.

Our team is Newcastle based and are having a nice time picking investments locally but they are also experienced and knowledgable in most property investment rich areas in Australia. If you’re not from the Newcastle region, that’s not a problem give us a call anyway. These days most things can be achieved electronically.

If you are Newcastle based, then great; we can arrange a consultation at a place most convenient to you.